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Welcome four-legged friends!

Rest, relax, and have fun with your dog on vacation. At Hotel Ola, your pets are welcome. Enjoy long walks in nature and by the sea with your furry family member.

Our four-legged friends are welcome in guest rooms and in the lobby.

Guests are allowed to bring their pets to the hotel as long as they weigh up to 8 kg, with a fee of 20 € per pet/day.

Although your dogs and cats are our four-legged friends, there are conditions set for your safety as well as the safety of your furry friends:

If a guest does not report their pet at the reception, the stay of the pet will be charged 100 € per night.

The hotel may require proof of current vaccinations.

The hotel only accepts trained pets (dogs and cats) up to 8 kg, maximum of 1 pet per room with prior notice and pet registration at the reception.

If a guest arrives with a pet weighing more than 8 kg, the hotel reserves the right to refuse accommodation for the guest and/or pet or to charge a higher fee for the pet's stay.

If a pet damages the hotel property (urinates inside the hotel, chews or scratches furniture or walls), the hotel reserves the right to deny further hospitality to the guest and/or pet and to charge for the damage - according to the current value of the damaged property increased by 10%.

Pets can use guest rooms, hallways, and can be kept in the lobby and the outdoor terrace of the bar only on a leash.

Pets are not allowed in common areas of the hotel (except for guide dogs) - pool, restaurant, wellness, gym. If a guest brings a pet into these areas of the hotel, they will be asked to leave.

Dogs/cats are not allowed to use the bed in the room, bathe in the bathroom, and it is not allowed to  leave the pet on the balcony.

If a guest leaves their pet alone in the room, they must put a "do not disturb" sign on the door and notify reception.

The hotel is exempt from complaints from guests regarding irregular room cleaning if a pet was in the room unattended during the scheduled visit of the housekeeper.

Guests must comply with Article 17, paragraph 8 of the Veterinary Act (Narodne novine 70/97) in the Republic of Croatia. -

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