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Hotel Ola Adults Only is intended and designed for guests aged 16 and over.

Adults only hotel Ola

A unique blend of relaxation, physical and mental activities, and natural beauty can all be found in Hotel Ola, which will delight you with its approach, rich offer, and peaceful location. 
With breathtaking views that greet you every morning, Hotel Ola is built on the concept of a lifestyle that allows you to live modernly and in harmony with nature. With a certain distance from the hectic everyday life and moving towards traditional cuisine and relaxation methods, a stay at Hotel Ola ensures a unique vacation.
The modern and attractive design of the hotel, with quality equipment that invites you to relax and enjoy, is the signature of the XXL Studio design office. The hotel's design will win you over at first sight. Intended for couples who travel frequently, people who enjoy traveling for business in Dalmatia, those craving peace and a relaxing atmosphere, and also interested in business stays.

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Spring promo - dinner for only 1€!

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🌿 Indulge in luxurious treatments and rediscover inner peace. Our expert team will ensure your complete relaxation and refreshment of the spirit.
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City of Split

iocletian's Palace and the entire historic center of Split are on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1979, not only because of the outstanding preservation of the Palace itself, but also because the Palace and its city (or the city and its Palace, whichever you prefer) still live a full life


Its favorable location, 25 km away from Split, makes Trogir a popular destination for a whole vacation or a day trip. In addition, Split airport is located in the immediate vicinity of this city, so coming to Trogir can be organized without difficulties.