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General terms and conditions

Hotel Ola d.o.o., hereinafter referred to as the Hotel, places and sells accomodation services according to the published information, description, date and valid price list, and in accordance with the confirmed reservation / signed contract, in its own name and for its own account. Hotel Ola is an adult only hotel with a minimum age limit of 16 years, while Hotel Val has no such restrictions

An agency or a tour operator can act as a client of a service for the end user, and the provisions of the general conditions also apply to them as intermediaries. By sending a reservation request, you confirm that you agree with the General Terms and Conditions of the Company and the same becomes a legal obligation. When providing services, the Company applies the rules prescribed by the house rules, hotel and catering practices, and in accordance with the applicable positive legal regulations of the Republic of Croatia


Valid rates of the service shall be specifically described in the proposal received by the Online booking system or by reservation centre. Contracted services cannot be combined with other promotional offers or packages. In case of any changes or variations in booked services, the Official rates will be charged. For services which have not been used, no refunds are possible. Extra services not included in the price are to be paid individually by the guest and ordered on request at the registration or paid for on the spot as agreed. The reservation system uses the best available daily rates.

VAT is included in the rates.


Tourist tax is not included in the stated accommodation-rates and is charged at the reception. Tourist tax is stated in the local currency (EUR). Decision on the amount of tourist tax is made by Split-Dalmatia council and is expressed in the price list. Children up to the age of 11,99 years are free of paying tourist tax, children from age 12 up to 17,99 years are charged 50% of tourist tax amount. 


Please note that individuals over the age of 12 will be classed as adults and charged accordingly. Please include them in the number of adults during the reservation procedure. Should you wish to modify or cancel a confirmed reservation, you can do it online, subject to the Cancellation policy.

Hotel reserves the right to reject, cancel or modify reservations where it appears that the above contain or have resulted from a mistake or error of the reservation system.


For individual reservations

Standard rate reservations

Within 7 days prior to arrival, the hotel reserves the right to charge the full amount of the reservation.

The guest is required to provide valid credit card details which the hotel will use for the stated purposes 

In the event that the credit card details are incorrect, the hotel will inform the guest and cancel the reservation. 

If the guest chooses to pay the amount of the reservation directly, payment needs be made no later than 7 days prior to arrival.

Special rate and non-refundable reservations

The hotel will charge the guest for the total amount of the non-refundable reservation after the reservation is made (excluding tourist tax and possible additional services). The guest is required to provide valid credit card details which the hotel will use for the stated purposes.

In the event that the credit card details are incorrect, the hotel will inform the guest and cancel the reservation. 

If the guest chooses to pay the amount of the reservation directly, payment needs be made no later than 24 hours after reservation is made.

All bank charges incurred abroad when paying invoices or advance payments are borne by the client as the issuer of the payment order (SHA charge code). The amount paid is considered to be the amount for which the bank in Croatia has approved the payee's account.


The pro forma invoice/final invoice will be issued in the accordance with agreed terms and conditions and Partner’s confirmation and compliance with cancellation terms. 

Payment is possible by credit cards (Amex, Diners, Visa, Master), debit cards, cash (EUR) or bank transaction.

Late check-out is only possible upon confirmation of the reception and with extra charge


For group bookings:

"Significant change" means a change in date, change in length of stay, or a reduction in the number of rooms by 25% or more of the originally booked rooms.

15% of the total invoice amount are administrative fees and are non-refundable.

In order to avoid additional costs, important changes or cancellation of the reservation must be notified in writing no later than 30 calendar days before arrival. Notice of cancellation or substantial change must be sent in writing on a business day. Every day from Monday to Friday is considered a working day, except for national holidays and public holidays.

For all cancellations and major changes made within 30 days of arrival, the hotel has the right to charge 100% of the reservation price.

In the event that any change or cancellation before 30 days of arrival changes the number of group members, the hotel will recalculate the cost of the arrangement and re-invoice accordingly.

In case of cancellation of the reservation by the hotel, the hotel sends a written notification. The hotel has the right to cancel without liability any reservation for which the client does not make payment by the due date or for any matter related to the reservation that could damage the reputation of the hotel.For individual reservation

Cancellation terms of individual reservations at standard rates:

Reservation is held until 18:00 h, on the day of arrival.

Cancellation of individual reservations (1-3 rooms) without charge is possible up to 7 days before the reservation period.

In the event of late cancellation (7 days before arrival) or no-show, the Hotel reserves the right to charge 100% of the total price of the service.

Cancellation of reservations after hotel check-in (shortening the stay in relation to the original reservation): the hotel may charge a cancellation fee in the amount of 100% of the value of the remaining booked and unused days.

Cancellation notification or change of reservation must be submitted in writing and is valid upon receipt of Hotel written confirmation.


Cancellation of individual reservations at special rates with non-refundable payment policy:

Reservation is held until 22:00 h, on the day of arrival, if there is no announcement for late arrival.

In case of any cancellation (cancellation at any time after booking, no-show, refusal of the booked room for unjustified reasons, cancellation after check-in, ie shortening of stay), the hotel reserves the right to keep the full previously charged non-refundable amount of the reservation.



The Partner and the Hotel shall be excused performance of their respective obligations under this Agreement where circumstances amounting to "force majeure" occur for as long as such circumstances last and affect contractual performance as more particularly described in this clause.

For the purposes of this Agreement, "force majeure" shall mean unusual and unforeseeable events beyond the control of the party seeking to rely on them. Such events may include (by way of example and not by way of limitation) war, threat of war, civil strike, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, epidemics, bad weather, terrorist activity, governmental action and/or presidential action and/or parliament/government action (for example decision to close the border, decision to ban leaving the country of residence, and/or decision of any travel restrictions),  acts of God and all other similar events.

The Partner shall only be entitled to rely upon "force majeure" in any respect if it is prevented by the event relied upon from rendering any contractual performance and it has been unable to make alternative arrangements after taking all practical steps to do so.  The Hotel shall be entitled to rely on "force majeure" where it is prevented or seriously impeded with great difficulties to achieve safe accommodation or if in the opinion of the Hotel the safety, comfort or enjoyment of any Clients would be prejudiced and when as a consequence the safety of guests and employees could be endangered.


“Check-in” is from 15:00 h on the day of arrival.

“Check-out” is until 10:00 h on the day of the departure.

Pets and other animals are allowed in the hotel with additional charge.

Hotel reserves the right to deny accommodation and other services to guest whose conduct is not in accordance with the hotel’s house order, whose conduct in any manner disturbs the peace or dignity of other guests or personnel, or in any manner threatens their security or wellbeing.

The hotel will consider any possible complaints only if they were previously made directly in the hotel during the guest’s stay – either directly to the responsible personnel, or through the AGENCY that made the reservation, or through an official representative.

Management reserves the right to close the pool or any of its parts in case of necessary repairs or regular maintenance or seasonal closure during the winter period.

Considering the existing differences between rooms even of the same type, the photographs are only for illustration and information, and may not correspond to the actual reserved room.

For any additional info please do not hesitate to contact our reservation office at e-mail 


It is in the guests’ interest to make a claim on the spot and immediately after the event that provoked the claim. In case the claim shall have no effect whatsoever the guest has to request a confirmation proving that the service failed to meet the agreed requirements. The confirmation must be enclosed with a claim made in writing within 8 days after tour completion. In case a guest fails to produce a claim in writing within the said period Hotel is not obliged to take it into consideration. In case a claim is made abroad a guest is required to respect the rules of putting in the claim, providing the confirmation on the spot and respecting the deadline for putting in the claim. It is the Hotel duty to lodge a written decision against the claim. Hotel shall only be dealing with claims that cannot be dealt with on the spot. During the said procedure, a guest shall irrevocably renounce the interference of any other person, arbitration of any other institution as well as release any information into media. Within a said period, a guest shall also renounce the right of submitting charges. The highest amount of the refund for the claim can reach the amount of the part of the service for which the claim was made whereas it cannot include already used services as well as the full price of the package. A guest and Hotel shall try to settle amicably and to mutual satisfaction any disputes that might arise. Should they be unable to do so they shall refer to any such disputes to the County Court in Split for final settlement. Applicable law shall be Croatian law.


Offered accommodation shall be described in compliance with an official categorization effective in Republic of Croatia at the time of issuing the proposal, according to information received by Hotel and its partners. Hotel shall not be liable for any information received in person or in written form by the third party other than services stated in the proposal. Hotel shall not be liable for any errors and omissions in the information provided by its business partners.



Room arrangement shall be defined by the reception at the place of stay. Unless a guest has not specifically booked a room having extra facilities on request, he/she must accept any type of officially registered accommodation described in the proposal and the pricelist. A guest is not allowed to enter a room before 3 p.m. on the day of commencement of the service and is required to leave the room until 10 a.m. on the day of completion of the service. Arrivals after 10 pm must be announced in advance, otherwise the Hotel does not guarantee the possibility of performing the service, unless otherwise indicated.